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Writing a bukket list

If you’ve booked a professional wedding photographer they will be well versed in capturing a broad selection of images. It is however very useful to present the photographer with a must have wedding photography checklist. These will be images that mainly don’t fall into a traditional sets of images your trusted photographer will take. Below you’ll find the types of photos a wedding photographer will likely take.

Before we get to the min list here are some examples of must-have photos that the photographer may not be aware of:

~ Engraving on the inside of my wedding ring

~ Picture of me with my Aunt Mary on her own

~ Close up of brooch given to me by my Nan

~ Watch given to the groom by his dad

Here’s a list of photographs that I will take usually at most weddings, it is not a definitive list as In all weddings you’ll receive many more varieties of images that are listed here. However nor is it guarantee I’ll get these shots because every wedding is different and unique. That’s why a must-have list is very useful.


A Selection of images of the outside of the venue

The grounds and views

The weather conditions - may include close ups

Flowers, lakes, special features of the venue



Hair and Makeup images of the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Some will include the artist in action and there will be a selection of close up detailed images and wider shots to capture the scene.

Natural candid images of the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride

Bride and party in their special gowns

Special moments such as being presented with a gift or reading a note from their partner

The accessories such as flowers, rings, shoes, dress, jewellery, some of which as they are being put on. Plus any special or unique items or gifts.

Bride being helped with the final touches of the dress

Bride first looks in her wedding dress

Selection of images of the bride with bridesmaids, mother and father etc

Children getting ready, playing or having fun

Bride on her own and close up with bouquet, will include natural light, looking out of the window, flash, reflections in mirrors etc


Groom preparations such as shaving, dressing, putting on tie and cufflinks etc

Natural images of the groom, bestman/women Groom and groomsmen either at the venue or home location. Capturing the laughter, banter and general messing around as well as individuals of the groom and then a few group shots

Groomsmen preparations and helping each other with tie, button hole or cufflinks etc.

Natural images of special moments such as reading a note from their partner or receiving a special gift.suit, tie, shoes, cufflinks, rings and any other accessories the are important to him

Groom receiving help from best man or father with the his clothing and accessories

Children with the grooms party getting ready, playing or having fun

Selection of images with groomsmen, batsman and father etc.


Guests arriving at the venue

Laughter and conversations with each other and the groom

Bride arrival and a selection of natural shots as the party enters the venue

Groom, best man, groomsmen in the ceremony room

Guests in the ceremony room chatting or taking selfies etc


Groom waiting for the brides entrance

Guests waiting for the brides entrance

Bride walking the aisle with the loved on giving her away

Bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys etc walking the aisle

Bride and Grooms first look

Guests reactions to the brides entrance

A selection of images during the ceremony including the guests and their emotions, reactions

Signing of the register, alone and with witnesses, children where appropriate

Bride and groom walking back down the aisle to a round of applause

Post Ceremony

The immediate aftermath

Bride and groom receiving a drink and canapés

Natural images of the guests mingling with with the bride/groom and amongst themselves

Group photos

Even with a mainly natural and candid wedding photographer most couples wish to have a selection of family and friend shots. These are taken with good humour and banter to preserve some natural smiles. It’s important to understand that group photos take between 2-5 minutes each to gather and take, so as rule of thumb less is more - more time for you to mingle and enjoy your day. I’d recommend 6-8 group shots - but it’s your choice.

A selection of images of the bride/s with her bridal party both groups and individuals. Then a selection with the groom/partner added

A selection of images of the groom/s with his best man/women and groosmen

Bride and groom with their families

Close ups and different perspectives of shoes, dresses, flowers etc

All the significant ladies

All the significant men

Groups of friends with bride/groom or both

Line up for the confetti with all the fun and laughter it entails

Candid shots in between the groupings as the guests react to banter, jokes and general larking around

Bride & Groom Photos

Time to get away from the party and have some unique and one-time only pictures of just the two of you. Some couples prefer not to have these - and that’s an individual choice. If you do they should only take a few minutes - normally between 10-20 minutes for most weddings. If you feel awkward, don’t worry a good photographer will have you relaxed, talking and laughing and will direct any poses required. These will include natural ones such as walking away hand in hand etc. This is where the photographer really shines and why your choice of photographer is vital.

Reception Meal

Most of the time the guests are herded into the wedding breakfast room prior to the couple who will enter to a round of applause. All guided by your friendly venue wedding planner usually. The table arrangements will generally be taken earlier in the day but are included here.

Table arrangements, accessories, flowers, candles and decor

Wide shots of the room made up and ready

Close ups of all the little details that make your wedding special

Guest book, photo table of past loved ones, sweet bar etc

The wedding cake

Bride and groom entrance with guest reactions

Bride/s, Groom/s seated prior to the meal

Table shots where requested

Individuals making their speeches from different perspectives

Guest reactions to the speeches

Children playing on the dance floor or around the venue post dinner


Many couples hire their photographer up until the first dance which is more cost effective whilst others book for the nights entertainment and dancing too. I’ll always stay at least until 10 minutes after the first/second dance, and if booked for the evening then I’ll be there into the night.

Up until the first/second dance

Cutting of the cake

Guests taking pictures of the couple as they cut the cake (again)

The first dance, close ups and some including the proud and emotional guests in the back ground

Dance with father/mother

Images of other couples as they join you on the dance floor

A few minutes as everyone starts to dance

The Evening and Night

The wedding couple should feel free to flag the photographer down for any groups they wish to capture as the evening guests arrive.

The evening guest arrivals

Bouquet toss (less common these days - but there to capture it if it’s happening)

Buffet, food and details prior to serving

Bar tenders serving, guests ordering at the bar

Natural images of the general banter and conversations amongst guests

The downing of shots are always fun to capture including the after reactions

As your big day starts to draw to a close or the guests start to leave and the dance floor clears it will usually be time for the photographer to leave. But don’t be sad, instead look forward to all those amazing photos your photographer will capture - many of which you didn’t even know happened.

That’s about it and I hoped it helped you in both planning and understanding how the photographer will operate. Finally think seriously about your photographer and if possible don’t consider an amateur or part timer. They won’t have the experience nor the skills and equipment to make one of the best days in your life memorable forever.

I have professionally captured weddings for many years - my favourite type of photography because it’s a happy joyous occasion and every single wedding is unique. For further information on my style and services contact me using the form or

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