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My approach to your photography is to tell the story of your day as it unfolds honestly and candidly. There are different names for this type of photography such as documentary, reportage and photojournalistic, they all mean story telling in a natural unposed way. With this in mind they’ll be no unnecessary interruption during the wedding from me, so you can enjoy your day. I want you to remember that you had a fabulous day when you look back on the photos in years to come. By then you may have forgotten the banter we shared and laughs we had but you won’t forget all the memories that the photos bring back.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have family and friend group photos after the ceremony, that’s entirely your choice. I’ll plan this with you before hand and on the day I’ll get them organised quickly and efficiently with good humour,

I’m a creative photographer looking for unique and interesting ways to shoot your pictures, that means I may be lying on the floor :) or perching on an object or two to get a different perspective. You’ll notice many creative compositions in my galleries and they’ll be dozens of these at your wedding too.

You’ll find me friendly and chatty, building a good rapport with you and your guests right through the day. It’s great to meet new people and leave with a few new friends.

Your photos are important and I’ll take no chances capturing your images - that means using the latest professional equipment with backups. Three cameras, five flashes as well as indoor studio lights in case in rains. My cameras also record onto two cards simultaneously, if a card fails I have a backup. I am also fully covered with public liability and indemnity insurance.

After your wedding you’ll receive some previews within two days and all your images will be available within two to three weeks. All images are individually edited including colour correction and spot/blemish removal where necessary. All images are very high resolution - you can print enormous pictures with no loss of detail.

All the planning and preparation for your photography is arranged well before the wedding in a consultation. I will also catch up or meet you again shortly before the wedding to confirm/update all the details and timing.

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