Wedding Group Shot Template

Your day will be full of natural, candid photographs but you may like some group shots too - if so here’s my tips and a form to complete and send me. That way we are all prepared and I can get them done for you quickly and efficiently without taking up too much of your precious time.

Be careful how many you choose

Have you ever been to a wedding where an hour plus was spent calling everybody for group shots? You and your guests will likely get very bored, But remember it’s your day and I’m happy to get just what you’d like. Each group shot is around 3 minutes on average therefore I’d recommend between 6-8 group shots or fewer if you’d like lots of time to mingle and let me get those natural ‘in the moment’ shots for you. So discuss together and decide who you’d like in them. A helpful way of looking at it is asking yourself will they be printed, go on the wall or in an album, if not maybe leave it out. Once decided - try to stick to the plan and not add several more on the day if you can avoid it as it will all get very rushed

An organiser

This is an important point - allocate an organiser or two from your guest list who can round the groups up. That way I will be getting on with the photographs as they are ushering the next group in. Makes it much more efficient for you. You can add the details in the form below and I’ll send them an email telling them how lucky they are :)

Fun & Creative

I’ll be matching the tone of your wedding and a few creative shots can really make a nice difference from the normal line up. Particularly for couple and their respective bride/groom parties. Also you may like some fun shots too. If so there is a section in the form for you to mark.

The big group shot

OK I’m going to be controversial now and say that the day of the BIG group may be over! It’s difficult to distinguish faces when so many are in the image, and again will you really put in on the mantle piece etc. The time it takes to put the BIG group shot together will eat into your drinks reception time, getting everyone together can take up to 15 minutes at times. If you’d prefer more pictures of your guests laughing, joking, having fun with a drink their hand then maybe the group shot should be left out. Once again though, it’s your day and you should decide.

Confetti shot

These are always fun and if required are best done straight away after the ceremony whilst everyone is at hand. Do check with your venue though as some don’t allow it and others have designated areas. Then you need to decide if you’re going to make up a confetti box or rely on your guests to bring their own (many forget). I’ll get it all organised if you’re having this.

Couple photos

Typically these are taken after the group shots, they all wander off and get a drink etc and we take some time on our own to get the special couple shots. It’s all done in a relaxed fun way, mostly natural. Some couples also like a couple of sunset photos later (weather permitting) and if so just let me know.

Now go ahead and complete this form

The recommended groups can act as a template, and time dependant I’ll get a few variations with each group.

Name *
Date of Wedding *
Date of Wedding
A person or persons from your wedding who can get the guests rounded up
The organiser/s email addresses
Recommended - Partner 1 with bridal or groom party
Recommended - Partner 2 with bridal or groom party
Recommended Partner 1's parents with wedding couple
Recommended Partner 1's close family, Parents/grandparents/children/siblings with the wedding couple
Recommended Partner 2's parents with wedding couple
Recommended Partner 2's close family, Parents/grandparents/children/siblings with the wedding couple
Recommended friends
Confetti shot required
This will take around 10 minutes
Ideally include relationships and names. If you've added 7 groups above you're up to around 20 minutes so far.
Group shot of everyone
Allow at least 10 - 15 minutes. It's common to leave this out if you want to keep group timings to a minimum.
Fun Creative Shots
Adding a few quick variations to the formal shots above