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Advanced Creative Photography Workshop


Take Beautiful Images During The Day, Evening And Night With Advanced Techniques

From afternoon to night at practical workshop learning about High Definition Photography, panoramas, long exposure techniques, golden hour/sunset, twilight, night time, stars and light painting. How to compose great images and get perfect results that will earn a place on any wall. Designed without jargon or complicated explanations this photography workshop caters for anyone wishing to learn advanced techniques to take amazing photos..

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Teaching long exposure, HDR, night, stars and light painting

 Price: £160 one on one - Bring a friend £80 each

 Location: Essex

 Duration: 6-7 hours

 Ability: Intermediate and experienced


Creative Photography In A Day - What you will learn

Long Exposure Photography

Using filters to create long exposures for dreamy clouds and smoothing water

Composition for long exposure photography

Bulb mode and intervalometers for your camera

Golden Hour and twilight

Light during the hour before sunset and after sunrise

How to take beautiful sunsets with expert advice on composition

Twilight (blue hour) photography and how to set your camera up properly

Night Time Photography

Amazing long exposures of landscapes and people

How to take pictures of the stars

Light painting for stunning landscape photography

Long exposure flash photography and motion blur

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Create beautiful high colour dynamic images

Taking multiple exposures at different exposure settings for compositing (bracketing modes)

Hand held and tripod HDR methods

The built in HDR modes on your camera

What Camera Equipment Do I Need?

Photography requires only a simple camera, however the techniques that I teach will benefit those who want to learn to use a camera that allows the photographer to adjust modes such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This will include:

- All DSLRs

- Micro four third cameras

- Mirrorless cameras

- Most other cameras allow this functionality too.

If unsure get in touch and I'll be happy to advise. A tripod and flash would be useful but not essential as we can share and I have spares.

What Next

You can email, text/call 07584412926 or click the button below and I will be happy to provide you more details and answer your questions. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you.

Is This Course For Me?

HDR photographs can be made with high colour and painterly effects or more naturally balancing out the light and dark areas of your photograph. Long exposure photography will give you stunning results when done correctly. You'll learn how to make those rushing or flowing water effects, dreamy clouds and motion blur. Light painting is an advanced technique that allows you to illuminate a foreground subject whilst taking long exposure night time photographs with amazing effects. If you already have some knowledge of photography and are not predominantly using the auto mode then this workshop will take your images to the advanced level. If you are still on auto mode then you would benefit from the this workshop first. You will learn advanced techniques for composing images, expert advice on natural and flash light and the advanced functions on your camera that will enable you to achieve stunning results. This course is for enthusiasts that want to get fantastic results and images

After Course Help & Support

Upon completing the course you will have continued support for any questions or refreshers and will be invited to an online group where like-minded attendees share and comment on their progress. Images can be posted for constructive criticism too. The online group is updated regularly with photo ideas and assignments with all the details on which settings to use.

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