Photography Workshops In Essex

For photography beginners or you want to get off auto mode


Learn about your camera settings and get better pictures on this one day course. We will be out and about on location in Essex so you’ll put all the learning into practice straight away and we’ll discuss how you can improve your images further. We’ll look at good composition and how to utilise available light light for the best effect. Designed and taught without complicated jargon to get you up to speed in a day. Many dates available and will also be booked on demand, get in touch for dates, bookings and more information.

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Teaching the core elements of camera modes, light and composition

Price: £60 per person (in a small group), £80 for 2 attendees or £160 one on one

Location: Essex

Duration: 5-6 hours

Ability: Beginner or using Auto mode


Better Photography In A Day - What you will learn

The modes on your camera

What they're for and how to get superior photos using them

Getting the best images whatever you like to photograph. Includes People, animals, nature, action, sports, sea and landscapes.

I will also show you why the icon modes are not the best options - PASM modes will give you better results most of the time, find out how.

Understanding Light

The core components - Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO

How the camera interprets exposure - and why it sometimes gets it wrong

Understand Aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation

Learn how to adjust settings easily for better creative options and exposures for your photos

Better Composition

Understand the rule of thirds for great compositions and when to break it

Framing your images with something else in the scene - plants, objects, people or architecture to add dimension, interest or perspective

Leading lines, shapes, patterns, textures and colours - you will learn some very useful techniques we will try them all and compare results, your photography mind will never be the same

Telling stories with your photography - sometimes with a single image, sometimes with several

Introduction to flash photography

Fill in flash, a simple technique that will makes you images much better. Learn when and how

Will really add impact to your photos of people or close objects in the daylight, especially where you also want to show case a beautiful landscape in the background

Learn simple fill flash settings and if you haven't got a flash, don't worry we can share or you may have a pop up flash on your camera

When to use zoom and wide angle

Make wonderful images and flattering portraits

Understand the impact on depth of field when using wide or zoom settings and aperture and how to take advantage of them

Why angles of view can make a dramatic difference to your images

Best techniques for people composition - and why it makes a difference

What Camera Equipment Do I Need?

Photography requires only a simple camera, however the techniques that I teach will benefit those who want to learn to use a camera that allows the photographer to adjust modes such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This will include:

- All DSLRs

- Micro four third cameras

- Mirrorless cameras

- Most other cameras allow this functionality too.

If unsure get in touch and I'll be happy to advise. A tripod and flash would be useful but not essential as we can share and I have spares.

What Next

You can email, text/call 07584412926 or click the button below and I will be happy to provide you more details and answer your questions. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you.

Is This Course For Me?

You still might be wondering if it's suitable, if so give me a call and I'll run through a typical workshop for you, then you'll know for sure if it's suitable. I've done this for many customers and it's super helpful for them. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience you will learn professional techniques for composing images, expert advice on light and how to get the best from it and finally the functions on your camera that will enable you to achieve stunning results. Better holiday images, better portraits and kids, landscapes, nature, wildlife/pets and close up images.

A professional wedding, portrait, landscape and pet photographer Adrian is an award winning photographer with 100% 5* reviews. Rated a top three photographer by 'Three Best Rated' a respected business website for professional services

After Course Help & Support

Upon completing the course you will have continued support for any questions or refreshers and will be invited to an online group where like-minded attendees share and comment on their progress. Images can be posted for constructive criticism too. The online group is updated regularly with photo ideas and assignments with all the details on which settings to use.

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